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Checking In

*dusts off journal*

Wow, it's been a while, huh? Well, almost all my friends migrated to Facebook and it's so quiet here!

I just wanted to give a quick update. Things have been going well so far on the medical front. I did have a swollen lymph node that had to be removed in April, but it was benign, thank goodness!

I continue to create photo-manipulations and and I just recently downloaded Daz3d, so I hope to have some fun with renders now, too. In other art news, my cynnaliafantasyart.com website is now defunct (I just wasn't using it) and if you would like to view my art, please see my gallery at cynnalia.deviantart.com. I am very active at Deviant Art and post new art sometimes a couple times a week.

And because I can't leave you without an adorable picture of Tristan, here's my boy at the Cavalier Agility trial held last month. ^_^


After the cross-posting and privacy issues here at LJ, there seems to be a mass exodus from LJ to Dreamwidth. Not wanting to miss out, I have joined Dreamwidth as well. :) If you have an account, friend me!



Writing Style Meme

I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Really? Really?! Maybe I'm in the wrong business - forget art, I should be writing blockbuster novels! lol


Olympic Peninsula Vacation

As some of you know, my family and I went on vacation last week to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed many beautiful sights.


Blog and pics behind the cut. :)
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For more photos (I took over three hundred!)you can stop by my stock account at DeviantArt.


Some fun with new costume

Finally Medford has a Ren Faire! Whoo hoo! :) This weekend was the first annual Rogue Renaissance Fantasy Festival at the Fair Grounds and I went this morning.

Lots of fun stuff and very cool vendors. And you know who was there? Damsel in this Dress! They are the ones I bought that pirate corset/coat from last fall for Halloween. I love their stuff and was so excited to see all their beautiful corsets in person as opposed to on the web. Of course I had to buy something! *grin* I got a green steampunk corset and a gold skirt to go under the black bustle skirt I already had. Here's a couple of quick pics...



I'm well on my way to having my costume for this Halloween! All I need to do is make some cool steampunk jewelry and accessories. I'll take more pics when I have everything all done.

ETA: Yes, the corset is on upside down - what can I say? I've always been a little off-kilter...^_~

I'm still sorting through all my vacation pictures but should be posting an entry tomorrow. I had a great time on the Olympic Pennisula! ^_^


I've been de-ported - whoo! ^_^

Well, yesterday I saw my surgeon to have my port taken out. I was a little nervous about the shot to numb the area and actually being awake when she cut in to remove the port, but I chatted about my day to distract myself from what was happening and I did fine. Glad that's over though! And now I finally feel like I can close the book on this journey. Cancer is gone, treatments are done, the port is out, and now I can get on with my life! I just need my hair to grow back faster...lol It's grown out a little bit, but is only about 1/8" long. Still too short for no wig. Maybe by the end of May? We'll see!

I've slowed down on the art thing, but I did want to post my latest two..."Ice Drake" and "Cherry Blossoms".

Ice Drake
by =Cynnalia on deviantART

Cherry Blossoms
by =Cynnalia on deviantART

I'm not sure what I'll do next...I've got a centaur started that I should probably finish but things have been a little busy both at home and at work, so I don't know when I'll get back to arting.

Still, feels SOOOOO good to healthy again!!! :D


"Reach for the Moon"

As promised, here is my mermaid piece.


Even though something may seem out of your grasp, never stop reaching...you may be surprised by what you can accomplish. :) Like yesterday's wallpaper, I've used my new filigree technique to draw the border. I really love how everything came together for this piece!


A little of this, a little of that...

Happy Earth Day! :) I bought the blu-ray of Avatar today, so guess what I'll be doing tonight! *grin*

I've been playing around in Photoshop the last couple of days, trying to learn the pen tool. For some reason, even though I've been using Photoshop for over six years, I've managed to completely avoid the pen tool and have really no idea how to use it. I'd check out tutorials online and they only confused me. Finally, I found a great tutorial on DeviantArt not only for using the pen tool, but how to create gems and metallic ornaments. I created the following wallpaper following these tutorials...

Peacock Fancies
by =Cynnalia on deviantART

I love how it turned out! Look for more of this technique in my future art. :) Speaking of future art, I am 90% done with a beautiful mermaid piece, so I hope to have that posted tomorrow!

Today I had my first appointment with my oncologist since my chemo ended back in February. My blood work came back completely normal - WHOO HOO! He's going to call my surgeon and get me scheduled to have my port taken out in the next couple of weeks. Once that's done, I'll finally feel like this journey is OVER. Sure, I have to have frequent check-ups for a while, but the hard work is done.


I can't stop myself!

I can't stop the photo-manips! lol This weekend was so much fun playing around with totally different genres and coloring - pure fantasy, gothic vampire and steampunk.

by =Cynnalia on deviantART

Bite Me
by =Cynnalia on deviantART

Time to Go
by =Cynnalia on deviantART

So far I'm using DA stock, but I did spend some time this weekend outside taking my own stock photos and going through my image library - have some ideas for using my dolls.

Feeling normal again has apparently really fueled my creativity and drive - WHOOO HOOO! ^_^



I'm really enjoying these photo-manips! *grin* It's a combination of a scavenger hunt to find fantastic stock, and a puzzle in how to best put everything together. Then there's the painting of various parts to make it all look cohesive. Here's my newest..."Tranquility".

Credit details here

After the dark gothic one, I really wanted to do a magical fairy in a pure nature scene. I just love how she turned out! ^_^


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